Annabella Charles… your photographer

Annabella Charles

photo : by the sweet Dear WesleyAnn 

Welcome to my little section that I like to call Fun Facts about Annabella Charles.

* I married my high school sweetheart.
* I have two ridiculously cute little ones. A boy named Finn and a girl named Lola.
* My first born is a rather plump pug named Mr. Darcy and he loves to wear bow ties.
* I lived in Africa when I was a child.
* I am obsessed with cleaning. I love my vacuum maybe more than my camera. maybe
* I picked up my first camera when I was 11
* I was the photographer for my high school yearbook… I know you’re jealous.
* I had to wear an eye patch when I was little. I’m pretty sure this is where my obsession with pirates started.
* I’m the biggest Peter Pan fan
* I believe in Ghosts.. and aliens
* I love watching old British comedies
* I have been published in over 20 magazines