{ Blessed }

When I started my business I knew that publication was a big part of my dreams

I love photographing weddings. It’s such a rad honor to be so close to people on such a sensitive and special day.

I also LOVE photographing still life…

I haven’t been in this game very long…. I know it takes a while to get to the top ( wherever that might be ) I know I must earn my place..

But I’d have to say I have literally worked my ass off to be where I am

I am so unbelievably blessed and grateful for where I am

One of my biggest publications so far has been

our bouquets in Southern Weddings Magazine.

It’s still a dream for me. I adore everything about this magazine.

The lay out. color… how precise Lara and her team are about choosing every image that ends up in this magazine.

Southern Weddings Magazine is not only on like every shelf here in the south…. They were sent all over the world! WHAT?!?

so cool

Anyways….I am still so grateful for that opportunity.

I was on Pinterest and saw all of our pretty bouquets and it made me so happy

not just because it’s fun to see your images all over Pinterest but b/c brides love them

and that was our purpose… to create beautiful inspiration so that you can have the wedding of your dreams.

SO if you missed our Southern Weddings blog feature go check it out



xo thank you Kate

Beautiful, beautiful work!!

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